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        Octyl-phenolic Curing Resin DC-2045
        2018-09-05 23:04

        DC-2045 is a heat-reactive p-tert-octylphenol formaldehyde resin with reactive methylol groups, equivalent to similar foreign products of SP1045. 
        DC-2045 is used for IIR, EPDM, NBR, CR and NR. It is soluble in aromatic hydrocarbon.

        Item Index
        Appearance light yellow-green transparent lump/slice
        Softening Point(Ball and ring) 85-95
        Methylol content % 10.0-14.0
        Ultraviolet Absorbance (450nm) ≤% 1.5
        Ultraviolet Absorbance (260~280nm)≤% 0.1
        DC-2045 is used for tire, pharmaceutical bottle plug, paint, adhesive, roll etc.
        DC-2045 is to be used with CR (5-10%of rubber) or metal chloride (2-5%of rubber) as activator. When DC-2045 is mixed with DC-2055, activator is not needed.
        The recommended dosage of DC-2045 is 8-12 phr. 
        Package and Storage:
        In paper/plastic combined sacks with inner film bag, 25 kg net each. Keep indoor, drying and ventilating.

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