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        DOFLOW DST
        2018-09-05 22:49


        Model Appearance Heating loss% Ash%
        DST 100 yellowish particle ≤3.0 ≤30
        DST 200 yellowish or yellow particle ≤3.0 ≤30
        DST 100: Blend of fatty acid, metal soaps,and surfactant
        DST 200: Blend of no zinc fatty acid and ester.
        Recommendations for application:
        1DOFLOW DST is a newly designed processing additive for applications in natural and synthetic rubber. Due to its selected composition comprising fatty acid derivatives with different polarities,
        2 DOFLOW DST provides excellent improvement of processing behavior for a wide range of elastomers like NR,SBR and EPDM(except for halogenated elastomers).
        3 DOFLOW DST is especially suited for applications in extruded compounds,but also offers advantages on transfer molding and injection molding. This product improves dispersion of fillers(especially mineral fillers)and has a beneficial influence on batch-to-batch uniformity. Finally Dispersant DOFLOW DST act as a cure activator and allows for reduced dosage of stearic acid.

        Packaging & Storage
        Packed in 25kg/paper bag lined with plastics,keeped in cool,dry place.Avoiding placing the bag under pressure.

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